Electric Car Charging points

The electric car revolution has started and with it many car manufacturers and governments have made commitments to move away from the combustion engine.

Having a dedicated 7kw home charge point allows for a much faster charge time than a standard 13amp plug. In addition to that many charge points can be controlled via an app on your phone and the use of charging schedules can enable you to charge your car at cheaper electricity rates.

If you also have Solar Panels you can configure the car to charge only when you are generating excess electricity from your panels. 

At Surrey Smarthome we have experience installing: Rolec, Easee,  Zappi, Wallbox and now the new EV charger from Loxone. 

If you are interested in having a 7kw car charge point installed at your home you would first need to have an electrical load survey and main incoming fuse check. This can be done free of charge during an initial consultation.

Depending on that load survey you may need to have the energy network provider upgrade your fuse to 100 Amps. For Ev charge point installations this is normally provided free of charge but may take a few weeks to be completed. Therefore its important to book an initial consolation in early.


Image Showing EV Car being Charged

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