Efficient car charging


Secure access


Intelligent security


Multiroom audio


Zoned Lighting


Pool Automation


Fire and Flood detection


Intelligent Garden Irrigation

  • Efficient car charging

  • Zoned Heating

  • Automatic and intelligent shading

  • Secure access

  • Intelligent security

  • Multiroom audio

  • Zoned Lighting

  • Pool Automation

  • Fire and Flood Detection

  • Intelligent Garden Irrigation

  • Weather Monitoring


Home Automation

Smarthome technology is becoming more and more popular with many off the shelf devices available. These devices have their place in the market, but to really take advantage of smarthome technology it is always better to go with a professionally installed system.

A good smarthome may be complex under the surface but should be simple to use for the home owner. It’s not just about being able to control your lights or heating from your phone. With a properly installed smart home, many of the home systems are automated. Lighting should come on at the correct level for the time of day/amount of daylight. Different areas of the home should be heated to different levels and this temperature should be maintained regardless of outside temperature. Blinds & Shades should be integrated to the heating system and should automatically adjust to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

Smarthome Features

Zoned Lighting Control

Zoned Lighting

Open plan living has become very desirable, but lighting large multifunction living spaces can get complicated. Zoned lighting can be very effective, changing how a space looks depending on its function at the time (cooking/entertaining/relaxing). But all too often with zoned lighting comes an abundance of light switches with no clear indication as to the role of each switch. This can all be solved with a smarthome system.

Using a Loxone Touch switch you can handle all your lighting zones, scenes, music and shading in one elegant package no bigger than a standard light switch.

The Loxone ‘Standard’ means that no matter which room you go into the Touch switch interface is the same.

Loxone ceiling mounted motion sensors can be used to bring on specific lighting scenes at specific times of the day.

Why not add a splash of colour? With the Loxone RGBW Spots or RGBW Led strips the mood of your living space can be completely transformed.

Zoned Heating Control

Zoned Heating

Traditional heating systems rely on one thermostat in the whole house and thermostatic radiator valves. This can lead to overheating parts of the house that are not in use. With a Loxone smart home heating system each room can be assigned as a different heating ‘zone’. Temperature sensors are already installed in the Loxone Touch switches and the smarthome system constantly regulates the heat output in each zone to maintain the desired temperature for the time of day.

The Holiday mode can be set which turns the heating down when you are away but makes sure the house is nice and toasty when you get home.

Automated intelligent shading

Automatic and intelligent shading

As a Loxone system is centrally controlled shades can be adjusted to change the amount of sunlight entering your home. This would keep your house cool in the summer yet take advantage of sunlight to help heat your house in the winter. This fine control of passive heating can greatly reduce your energy bills.

Integrated home security

Intelligent security

The basic setup of a Loxone smart home already has most of the tools needed to create an intruder alarm.

The motion sensors can detect an intruder when you're out, sending a silent alarm to your phone, setting all the lights in the house to flash on and off and bringing up all the blinds so any potential thief feels very exposed.

Add to this: door and window contacts, break glass indicators, a siren at full volume through your ceiling speakers and an exterior strobe & bell box and you have a truly scary and effective alarm system.

Integrated Fire and Flood Detection for your Smarthome

Fire and Flood detection

Smoke detectors can be integrated to your smarthome, to send extra warnings to your phone, open blinds and turn on emergency lighting.

Flood detectors placed carefully can alert you if there is a leak in your house and can even trigger a main stopcock to close protecting your house from further damage.

Automated weather monitoring for Smarthome inputs

Weather Monitoring

A Weather Station can provide your smarthome with essential information to keep your house safe. High winds can trigger any awnings or outside blinds to fold away. Rain detection will close roof windows and a measure of the amount of sunlight will help the smarthome decide which blinds to open and which ones to keep closed.

Multiroom Audio, different music zones

Multiroom Audio

With the Loxone Music Server and Amplifier you can enjoy different music zones throughout the house. Select a music input from your phone and control the volume and change the track from the Loxone touch switch on the wall.

Wake up in a good mood with the lights fading in from a red to warm sun yellow and your favorite music or radio station gradually coming on.

Have relaxing ambient music come on in the bathroom triggered by motion sensors.

Access control Intercom keypad near field communication

Secure access

A no frills doorbell button if connected to Loxone can become a lot smarter. It can be set-up to pause the music around the house and play a door chime and can send a notification to your phone, or even take a snap shot of the person at the door.

For more control, add a Loxone Intercom to see and speak to anyone at your door, or add a keypad and magnetic door locks to let someone in when you are not home.

Automated and intelligent garden irrigation

Intelligent Garden irrigation

Simple time controlled irrigation systems can unnecessarily waste water.

An irrigation system connected to Loxone and coupled with a weather station unit and a weather forecast service will only water when necessary keeping grass lush and green without an eye watering bill.

Swimming Pool Automation linked to your Smarthome

Pool Automation

For your holiday home in the South of France keep an eye on your pool from rainy Britain.

Rinse, Filtration, Backwash, Pool Temperature and Pool cover can all be automated and monitored remotely.

Energy monitoring for efficient car charging

Efficient car charging

If you have Solar Panels Loxone can monitor the energy generation and your energy usage helping you make the most of your own renewable energy source.

With your car plugged in Loxone can make sure that you are only charging when you have surplus electricity generating. But still ensure that the batteries are full when you need to leave.

Loxone Miniserver, Smarthome Electrical Enclosure

How it all works

With a wired smarthome system your home electrics are centrally controlled.

Space is required to place an electrical enclosure to house the ‘brains’ of your smarthome. Inputs (Light switches, door contacts, motion sensors etc) are wired back to this location with data cable. Outputs (Lights, vents, blinds etc) are wired out from the enclosure with standard ‘twin and earth’ electrical cable.

Using powerful configuration software your smarthome is setup to respond to different inputs to bring on lights, close blinds, play music, in fact it can be configured to do almost anything. This wiring method allows for maximum flexibility, for example any light switch can be setup to turn on any light connected to the system.

Loxone Smarthome Silver Partner
There are many competing smarthome technologies but here at Surrey Smarthome we are proud to work with the innovative and Award winning company: Loxone. Being a Certified Loxone partner means that our work is of the high standard expected in every Loxone Smart Home. The Loxone products we fit go through rigorous testing, are guaranteed to last and as partners we have Loxone’s full technical support available to us.

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