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As accredited NICEIC Domestic Installers, Surrey Smarthome Electricians are well placed to undertake all the usual home electrical work, including:

Electrical inspection, reporting and certification

At Surrey Smarthome all our electrical work is inspected and tested to ensure that it fully conforms to the Requirements For Electrical Installations; BS 7671:2008

At the end of the work clients are provided with an Electrical Instalation Certificate and if necessary we notify Building Control through NICEIC who then issue a Building Control Certificate.

We also offer periodic inspections for existing electrical installations. This would mainly be used for rented properties and business premises. But can also be a great way to check the safety of your own home wiring. On completion of the inspection clients are issued an Electrical Installation Condition Report which would contain any necessary actions/recommendations to improve the safety of the wiring. These reports are normally valid for 5 years or until the next change of tenancy (if in rented property).

Extensions, Loft Conversions and Full Re-Wires

If you wish to maximise your living space, Surrey Smarthome are here to help you with your project. We are used to working in close cooperation with numerous other trades or if you wish we can recommend a building team with whom we have worked for many years.

If you are undertaking a large renovation or extension project then there comes a point where it makes more sense in terms of cost and safety to rip out all the old cabling and completely re-wire.

Surrey Smarthome would work closely with you from initial planning, giving guidance on the Electrical design, through to first fix (chasing/running cables and backboxes) then - after the plastering is complete – second fix (sockets, switches and light fittings).

Consumer Unit Replacements

Fuse boards had their day, but are now way past their sell-by date

Modern metal clad Consumer Units offer a far greater level of electrical safety, both protecting your home from electrical fire caused by short circuits and protecting you from lethal electric shock.

The latter is thanks to RCD’s (residual current devices) which due to increased demand have dropped in price significantly (a Consumer Unit with 10 ‘ways’ can cost as little as £80). This means that for the safety benefit given, updating your old wired fuse board with a new Consumer Unit is excellent value for money.

Additions and alterations to lighting circuits

If you want to re-new a living space, think about the lighting. Is the light adequate for the space, does it offer you flexibility and enhance the features of your room? It is worth considering the 3 different types of lighting:

  • Ambient: This is your overall illumination. e.g. central pendant or ceiling downlights.
  • Task: Lighting for specific tasks, Kitchen undercounter lights, bedside reading lights.
  • Accent: To add drama to your room, examples would be: LED strips hidden above a kitchen plinth, Lights focused on a painting/sculpture or recessed spots up the side of stair treads.

Here at Surrey Smarthome we are more than happy to help guide you towards the correct lighting and lighting controls for your project.

Additions and alterations to electrical power circuits

Our domestic power needs have greatly increased over the past 40 years so having only a couple of single sockets in each room can be rather inconvenient.

At Surrey Smarthome we are happy to extend existing power circuits, fit sockets which have integral USB 5v supplies, or just improve the look of the room by swapping out old plastic faceplates for shiny new ones.

Electrical Fault Finding

Electrical Faults which start off as just a nuicance can quicky become something far more serious and should not be ignored. Something as simple as a loose connection can easily result in an electric shock or fire risk.

At Surrey Smarthome we are happy to carry out investigative work to track down the cause of the fault and will advise on what repair work needs to be done before proceeding.

Once fixed the faulty circuit will then be fully tested for electrical safety to give peace of mind.

Supply to and wiring of outbuildings

Whether you require a couple for sockets in a garden shed, or a fully equipped garden office with lighting, heating and network connections, we at Surrey Smarthome are happy to help.

Best practice would invoice running armoured cable from your house consumer unit and down the garden either in a trench or fixed to a wall, This would then supply a ‘sub-consumer unit’ in your outbuilding. Lighting, power and heating circuits would then be run from this.

Home Network Installation

Many of us have experienced bad wifi. Resulting in frustratingly slow streaming in areas of the house furthest from your router. Structural steelwork and foil backed wall insulation only makes the problem worse.

A wired home network allows you to place additional routers at strategic locations, and although most modern TV’s are wifi enabled, plugging them into a network helps speed up streaming and free up space for other wifi only devices.

A basic home network would include a Switch - Patch Panel and Cat 6a shielded cable to numerous access points throughout the home.

TV Aerial fitting and home media distribution

For multiple TV locations around the house and for wall mounted TV’s with a nice clean look (no cables, no boxes) a centralised media distribution system is needed.

Using HTMI over CAT your TV signal can be sent from a set-top box hidden neatly away in a utility room to any TV in the house. This protocol can also support IR signal so you can use your remote control as normal.

Switching media sources (e.g. Sky/Apple TV/Amazon fire TV) from any TV in the home can be achieved using a rack mounted TV distribution hub like the Mhub max from HDanywhere.

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